Outputs from the Basic Technology (Grant Number: EP/E034055) Pi-Phi Ptychography programme:


"Reciprocal-space up-sampling from real-space oversampling in x-ray ptychography"


"Information multiplexing in ptychography"

"Sampling in x-ray ptychography"


"An annealing algorithm to correct positioning errors in ptychography"

"Ptychographic transmission microscopy in three dimensions using a multi-slice approach"

"Quantitative phase contrast optimised cancerous cell differentiation via ptychography"

"Ptychographic electron microscopy using high-angle dark-field scattering for sub-nanometre resolution imaging"


"Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging of paint pigment particles by scanning phase plate modulator"

"Evolutionary determination of experimental parameters for ptychographical imaging"

"Superresolution imaging via ptychography"

"Extended Ptychography in the transmission electron microscope: Possibilities and Limitations"


"Resolution Improvement in Coherent Diffractive Imaging (Ptychography)"

"A new method of high resolution, quantitative phase scanning microscopy"

"Phase retrieval based on wave-front relay and modulation"

"Quantitative phase retrieval by ptychography in TEM"

"DUOS – Two-Speed Imager Within the Same Pixel Array"

"Optical ptychography: a practical implementation with useful resolution"

"Wave-front phase retrieval in transmission electron microscopy via ptychography"

"Coherent X-ray diffraction investigation of twinned microcrystals"

"Collagen imaged by Coherent X-ray Diffraction: towards a complementary tool to conventional scanning SAXS"


"Solving for the Phase of the STEM Probes in Real space"

"Recovering Probe positions for Ptychography for Electron Imaging"

"Influence of thick crystal effects on ptychographic image reconstruction with moveable illumination"

"An improved ptychographical phase retrieval algorithm for diffractive imaging"

"Coherent X-ray diffraction from collagenous soft tissues"


"High resolution transmission imaging without lenses"

"Noise limit on practical electron ptychography"

"Solving for the phase of STEM probes in real space"

"Probe position recovery for ptychographical imaging"


"Transmission microscopy without lenses for objects of unlimited size"